I enjoy a minimal Mac experience. At the end of the day, I quit all my apps so I start the next day with a fresh canvas.

Having a clean desktop at the end of the day puts me in a done with work mindset and I love having a great looking desktop image. Over time this image gets stale and I start looking for a new one.

Wallcat, is a simple Mac app that does one thing — Sets a new beautiful desktop wallpaper every day. That’s it.

For ultimate simplicity, Wallcat has three settings launch at login, select an image channel, and share the image.

The channels include Gradients, Structure (Buildings and Architecture), and Fresh Air (Outside). After using this app for a few weeks I’ve only had one day where I didn’t like any of the images in the categories.

If you enjoy changing your desktop image or just want to mix things up this app is for you. Minimal, Simple, and Useful. It can’t get any better.

Wallcat is free in the App Store.