Vault is a tool that lets you send passwords or sensitive information by encrypting it with a password and setting an expiration date. By sending the generated Vault link, your private information is not stored on mail servers or in databases where it can live forever.

This tool is helpful if you work in a tech support environment. Many times you need information from customers that is sensitive in nature, and if they email it to you, then it always be stored in your help desk, email server, and remain searchable forever.

Vault Screenshot

By using Vault, the only information they send to you is a link and a password to unlock the vault. After it expires, neither the link or the password can open it which makes that data useless. The data inserted into Vault is encrypted in the browser and encrypted on the server.

HelpSpot Vault is a free tool with no signup required and if you’d like to hear more of the backstory on this app listen to Inside HelpSpot Vault a 15-minute podcast.

If you are doing any form of support or passing data around this is a tool to bookmark and use. As Jeffrey Wyman said on ProductHunt, “I always cringe when I see how easily people give up their passwords over email.”