TLDR is a collection of simplified and community-driven man pages that can be installed through NPM, used through the web client, or installed through many different clients.

As an example, say you forgot the parameters of scp. Just type tldr scp and you’ll get an easy to process document of everything you need.

> Secure copy.
> Copy files between hosts using Secure Copy Protocol over SSH.

- Copy a local file to a remote host:

`scp {{path/to/local_file}} {{remote_host}}:{{path/to/remote_file}}`

- Copy a file from a remote host to a local folder:

`scp {{remote_host}}:{{path/to/remote_file}} {{path/to/local_dir}}`

- Recursively copy the contents of a directory from a remote host to a local directory:

`scp -r {{remote_host}}:{{path/to/remote_dir}} {{path/to/local_dir}}`

- Copy a file between two remote hosts transferring through the local host:

`scp -3 {{host1}}:{{path/to/remote_file}} {{host2}}:{{path/to/remote_dir}}`

- Use a specific username when connecting to the remote host:

`scp {{path/to/local_file}} {{remote_username}}@{{remote_host}}:{{path/to/remote_dir}}`

- Use a specific ssh private key for authentication with the remote host:

`scp -i {{~/.ssh/private_key}} {{local_file}} {{remote_host}}:{{/path/remote_file}}`

tldr is available from GitHub repo and you can contribute new man pages to help improve the project.