Finding a good JavaScript time picker is almost impossible. It seems like everyone I’ve tried always ends up being a pain to implement and has a horrible user experience. A new project by Catalin Covic aims to make this easier with a new React based Timekeeper based on the style of Android Google Keep.

The picker supports selecting the time in various ways which make it a really flexible tool. As an example, when you are selecting the hour you can click the numbers on the clock, or click the hour number and it turns into a select list. The leader screen shot shows the various ways this can be done.

Usage is also simple and no styles are needed because they are inlined with Radium. Here is the example JavaScript to get started:

import React from 'react';
import TimeKeeper from 'react-timekeeper';

class YourComponent extends React.Component {
        return <TimeKeeper />;

Take a look at the Timekeeper site for a demo and installation instructions. The project site also includes documentation on the API.