Create Animated Gif’s With Brush Ninja

Have you ever needed to create a quick animated Gif or wanted to practice your animation skills? Brush Ninja is a super simple animated gif creator, that is free to use, with no accounts, no logins, and no tracking.

The UI is so simple anyone can start drawing instantly and the way you copy frames allows you to quickly build on the previous frame saving tons of time.

Check out some of the examples that users have created using Brush Ninja:

Brush Ninja comes in a free web version and a $9.99 Mac App.

National Park Font

The National Park Font is a typeface designed to mimic the National Park Service signs that are carved using a router bit. It comes in four weights light, regular, heavy, and outline and would be perfect for any outdoor-themed design you are working on.


The typeface is free under the SIL Open Font License but they are asking for donations to help us keep the site live and fund any updates. Visit their site for more information and the story behind the font.

Speed up Composer with prestissimo

prestissimo is a composer plugin that downloads packages in parallel to speed up the installation process. In their benchmark, they claim it takes an install from 288s -> 26s.

Installation is a simple composer require:

composer global require hirak/prestissimo

For more information on prestissimo check out the Github Repo.

Instagram on the desktop with Flume

Flume is a beautifully designed Mac App made specifically to work with Instagram on the desktop. It allows you to browse your feed, search, message, and more.  But most importantly it allows you to upload images and videos directly from your desktop. This works great when you have photos that are not on your phone.


Flume comes with lots of options including dark mode, a pro mode that allows multiple Instagram accounts, shortcuts, and more. If you’ve ever been frustrated by only being able to share things to Instagram from the mobile app, then Flume is for you. I’ve found it invaluable for posting code screenshots.

Download it for free from the Flume website.

The Pragmatic Programmer 20th Anniversary Edition

For twenty years, the lessons from The Pragmatic Programmer have helped a generation of programmers examine the very essence of software development, independent of any particular language, framework, or methodology. This classic title is regularly featured on “Top Ten” lists, and many corporations issue it to their new hires.

This new 20th Anniversary Edition offers a fresh look at the modern development landscape, cutting through the “business as usual” and tired advice from the net to help guide you through the next twenty years and beyond. Featuring new tips, new topics, and revisions throughout, you don’t want to miss this one.

This 20th Anniversary Edition is currently available as a pre-order and the estimated shipping date is at the end of October 2019.

Notational Velocity for VIM

Notational Velocity is a powerful open source note-taking application for the Mac and Notational FZF brings all that power to VIM.

Notational FZF
Notational FZF Demo

This plugin allows you to define a list of directories that you want to search. The first directory in the list is used as the main directory unless you set g:nv_main_directory. If you press control-x after typing some words, it will use those words as the filename to create a file in the main directory. It will then open that file in a vertical split. If that file already exists, don’t worry, it won’t overwrite it. This plugin never modifies your files at any point. It can only read, open, and create them.

For more information and to start using this check out the Github repo that includes all the instructions to get set up.

Alfred 4

Alfred 4 is now released and includes overhauled preferences, dark mode, new workflow objects, a new debugger, rich text auto-expanding snippets, a new theme editor, and more.

Out of all those features what I’m most excited about is the new debugger.


The new debug log’s interactive navigation includes concurrent debugging across all workflows, with filtering down to individual workflows or selected objects. Each object is hyperlinked for interactive navigation; Clicking a hyperlinked object will highlight it on the canvas.

The price of Alfred is £23 for a single user option.

Studio Neat Totebook

Totebook is a thin, light, and flexible notebook, perfect for tucking in your bag to bring with you. Made of quality materials and thoughtful details, and includes a spine sticker for labeling and archiving.

The Totebook could be great for throwing in your laptop bag and heading off to client meetings or your favorite coffee shop.



Buy the Totebook from Studio Neat for $20 for a pack of two.

Lode – A GUI for Unit Testing

Lode is a new universal app for unit testing that allows you to visualize and run automated tests using a simple interface, with a unified experience across frameworks and languages.

Lode allows you to run tests selectively and see results in real time with syntax-highlighted diffs and traces available as soon as a test fails. It currently supports PHPUnit and Jest, with more frameworks coming soon.

The app is currently in beta with the Mac version for download available now, with Windows and Linux versions coming soon. Visit the Lode website to download the beta or to join the newsletter and be notified when it officially launches.