Moon is a minimal and fast library for building user interfaces. Its syntax is similar to Vue.js but it weighs in at only 6kb and reports 102 repaints/sec which is almost double Vue’s results.

Moon combines the positive aspects of popular libraries into one small package. It’s super lightweight and includes advanced optimizations to ensure fast render times. The API is small and intuitive, while still remaining powerful.

Moon differs from the existing solutions by providing a faster, yet compact library with a simple but powerful API. It uses a virtual DOM system similar to React, but includes advanced optimizations crafted specifically for Moon, similar to the Glimmer engine by the Ember team. In a variety of benchmarks, Moon has proven itself to be the fastest UI library out there.

Per the getting started guide here is a quick example of a simple Moon instance:

const app1 = new Moon({
  el: "#app1",
  data: {
    msg: "Hello Moon!"


I know there are tons of JavaScript utilities being released but I like that some are now starting to focus on the minimal side.