Insomnia is a REST client, built on top of Electron that is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux announced it’s open sourcing the codebase under the GPLv3 license.

In the announcement, Gregory Schier the project had this to say on why it wasn’t open sourced sooner:

So why not open-source sooner? Fear. Fear of public judgment, fear of being told my code sucks, fear of showing how much time I spent on it. Being independent leaves you wide open with nothing to hide behind. You are the product, and the product embodies your personality. If the product is a failure, so are you. Exposing the code that powers the product just adds another dimension to criticize. That’s what the voices in my head keep repeating, anyway.

Also, on their blog, they are documenting their path to taking Insomnia from a hobby project into a full-time job and also including monthly recurring revenue:

As a part time bootstrapper myself I love seeing the paths other people are taking to take their dream from just something fun to do, to something more.

For more information on the Insomnia Rest Client, check out their offical site and the Github repo.