GitPitch is a slide deck service built for developers that allows you to create your presentation in Markdown and it’s automatically turned into a slide deck.

Here is an example of one I quickly put together:

The way it works is by utilizing a Git repo in any of the traditional services, Github, Bitbucket, or Gitlab. Then you create a “” file that is used as the content of the slide deck. Finally, once you’ve pushed you can access it via the following URL:

What stands out to this app is the options available. Instead of being restricted to the included six themes, you can create your own, customize the CSS yourself, and even export for offline use.

Outside of that, it includes all the major features you will need for your next conference talk, a speaker notes window, the ability to embed it to your site, and even Google Analytics support to see how many people looked at your slide deck.

For more information check out the official site and their wiki with all the configuration options. I think this app has a lot of potential with its customizations that some of the paid for Markdown presentation apps lack.